But we didn’t stop there. Our goal has always been to make Done services accessible to younger patients as well. And with the launch of Done pediatrics, that dream is finally a reality.

If you’re looking for quality care combined with the convenience of online access, Done Pediatrics is here to connect you with licensed clinicians specializing in ADHD. Learn more about what we do to help children with ADHD.

Complete a Free Initial Screening

Our initial screening will allow our team to determine if Done is the right fit for your child. The process is quick and easy — it only takes about five minutes to complete. It’s completely free of charge, and you don’t have to make any commitments to our service up front. This screening and the accompanying behavioral assessment are aimed at understanding your child’s needs and whether they could benefit from Done’s ADHD telehealth services.

Not sure if the screening is right for you? We recommend trying it out if your child is at least 6 years old has displayed several inattentive and/or hyperactivity-impulsive symptoms for at least the last six months in two or more settings.

Make a Diagnosis Appointment

After the screening, you can move on to a diagnosis appointment with a member of our world-class medical team. It’s only $250 (your insurance may cover most costs) and can be completed from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have a child who squirms or gets nervous in doctor’s offices, this is the perfect solution. Plus, it provides you with faster care. There’s no need to wait weeks or months to get your child the help they need. With Done, your child can receive a diagnosis as soon as this week.

Get ADHD Medication

Our providers have years of expertise in prescribing ADHD medication for children. They understand just how important it is to find the right medication type and the right dosage to suit each individual child. Over 40% of our patients have reported improvements to their symptoms in their first month with Done.

As the parent or caregiver, you’ll be able to ask about any questions or concerns you have, and you can work with your child’s provider to manage any side effects or residual symptoms.

Ongoing Treatment

Once you’re a patient with Done, you can receive ongoing care through our convenient telehealth services. There are no long waits to get in to see a doctor in person. Instead, you can ask questions and get more information right away.

Our 24/7 care team is always available, and you can turn to them with questions about medication adjustments, lifestyle changes, and other tips for reducing ADHD symptoms and helping your child lead a happy, healthy life. Plus, refills are just a click away, so you can make sure your child always has the medications they need.

Get started at Done Pediatrics today, or reach out to us directly with any questions you have before you sign up. We’re here to empower your child and your family with quality, convenient, personalized care.