Sussan Nwogwugwu


It’s no secret that Done.’s clinical leadership team is composed of some of the foremost experts in the field of ADHD treatment and within mental health. It’s something in which we take great pride. Not to mention their commitment to care at all levels.

Sussan Nwogwugwu on the front lines

Sussan Nwogwugwu, Regional Nurse Practitioner Lead, who is based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, a graduate from Maryville University of Saint Louis. In addition to her PMNHP, Nwogwugwu is certified with the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Nwogwugwu seeks to  provide the best support to individuals receiving psychiatric treatment and work with a team to promote positive mental health to people in our society. She deeply believes in the mission of Done. to reach as many people from all walks of life as possible to help treat their ADHD.

A member of the Texas Nurses Association, she has provided psychiatric services to clients in a variety of clinical settings, assessed, diagnosed, and treated adults, adolescents, and children experiencing symptoms of behavioral health disorders, and prescribed, recommended, and discontinued drugs and treatments to treat mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders in accordance with the Collaborative Practice Agreement and the state’s Nurse Practice Act.

During her time at Texas Health Resources, Methodist Hospital, Medical City of Arlington and Bayhealth, Nwogwugwu has also worked on individualized treatment plans, incorporating best and leading practices into treatment interventions. Her professional experience includes the development of appropriate diagnosis per DSM-5 criteria and treatment plans to offer appropriate psychotropic medications and ongoing assessment of therapeutic medication effect, side effects, and adverse effects to adjust/change medications as required.

Patients first - always in all ways

A longtime patient-first advocate, she believes in a system that evaluates patient symptoms based on their psychiatric disorder or diagnosis and recommends the necessary pharmacological or non-pharmacological treatment option (s) adequate to alleviate their symptoms. She also helps provide necessary education to both the patient and their families regarding their diagnosis, medications, and co-morbid conditions. For Nwogwugwu, it’s critical to order applicable laboratory tests based on illness, symptoms, and medications and treat any patient in a holistic manner. Indeed it defines her medical career and is displayed every day in her work. Mental health nurse practitioners like Sussan Nwogwugwu offer the highest level of care through our convenient, accessible, and affordable telehealth services.

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