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How ADHD May Affect You
Academic Challenges
Students with ADHD may encounter difficulties in organizing and completing assignments, focusing during lectures, and managing study time. These challenges can lead to poor academic performance and an increased risk of dropping out.
Social Difficulties
Students with ADHD may face obstacles in social interactions, such as misunderstanding social cues, difficulty controlling emotional fluctuations, and challenges in establishing and maintaining friendships. This may lead to feelings of loneliness and social anxiety.
Self Management Issues
Includes difficulties with time management, money management, and self-care. These issues can lead to various stresses in life, such as being frequently late, forgetting to pay bills, and irregular eating habits.
Emotional Regulation Difficulties
Students with ADHD may experience more pronounced emotional fluctuations, including irritability, feelings of defeat, and anxiety. These emotional issues may further impact their academic, social, and career development.
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