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Who can Officially Diagnose ADHD? (Which Doctors and Clinicians can Diagnose)

The diagnosis of ADHD should best be done by a medical practitioner or mental health professional. That’s essentially the difference between a doctor or nurse practitioner focused on overall wellness and health and someone who specializes in mental health. In the first case, that would include both a nurse practitioner or pediatrician depending on their area of expertise but also include a psychiatrist, therapist, or neuropsychologist.

At Done., we only have board-certified, psychiatric mental-health nurse practitioners, medical doctors, or psychiatrists on the platform. In any case, it’s someone who can legally prescribe medications as it makes sense for the patient’s needs and situation.

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Can Online Doctors and Clinicians Diagnose ADHD?

Prior to the pandemic, the vast majority of diagnoses and medical care occurred in-person with a doctor and clinician, nurse or certified provider.  The pandemic accelerated the need to visit doctors, clinicians and medical professionals virtually in the form of telehealth.

With Done., members can book an appointment online after taking a 1-minute assessment test. If an ADHD diagnosis might be a potential, members can schedule a 30-minute appointment with a board certified ADHD clinician. After booking, patients must complete an additional intake form 24 hours before as well as 3 additional assessments along the way. All designed to be as thorough and accurate as possible.

The cost of an online diagnosis can be less than half of what an in-person ADHD diagnosis might cost, and less than competing services with a similar offering. With a Done. membership, 24-7 access is available to the care team as well as the opportunity to book unlimited appointments with providers. Done’s team of medical professionals also adhere to the mantra of treating any patient in a holistic manner and believe the quality of the interactions is no less professional.

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Can I Get a Prescription for ADHD Online?

Only a psychiatrist, neurologist, or family physician can prescribe medication for adults with ADHD. Counseling, as applicable, can be conducted by a psychologist. With children, a psychiatrist or pediatrician can prescribe medication. In addition, some therapists will work with psychiatrists or medical doctors who can prescribe on their behalf. With online prescriptions, the practitioner and the company (Done.) work with various pharmacies to ensure the most straightforward and efficient delivery possible. But prescriptions are only made IF the patient is deemed to have ADHD and requires medication. That is not the case in every instance. Treatment is holistic in nature and designed with a patient-first approach that ensures a complete assessment of what’s required and best suited to meet someone’s needs.

There are also a series of steps required before medication is prescribed:


Patients are sent through a system that checks all states' Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) within 48 hours of their visit.


The patient’s PDMP report is reviewed by internal teams that have been trained by pharmacists to identify potential patterns of abuse or misuse, after clearance.


The patient’s PDMP report is reviewed by their provider and ultimately cleared by them in accordance with state regulation(s).


Initial consultation with providers on the Done. platform.


Receipt of a treatment plan, which sometimes involves medication from providers on Done. platform.
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Done.’s Clinical Leadership Team

It’s no secret that Done.’s clinical leadership team is composed of some of the foremost experts in the field of ADHD treatment and within mental health. It’s something in which we take great pride. Not to mention their commitment to care at all levels. We’ve hired some of the most esteemed and board-certified experts in the industry to collaborate and tackle ADHD together. Their wisdom and experience has allowed us to build a robust online platform that infuses efficiency with effectiveness. We put the patient’s needs first and seek to provide a stable scaffolding during their entire journey with us.

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Done.’s Doctors and Clinicians

In order to properly diagnose ADHD, a formal diagnosis by a licensed clinician in the state where the patient evaluated is residing is required. Although an online ADHD self-assessment is a good starting point, it is not considered an official diagnosis. The good news is that the medical professionals on Done's platform are among the most qualified and experienced in the country and provide holistic patient care to ensure all treatment options are explored.

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