Refund Policy

*Please note that all refund requests must be reviewed and approved by the Done. care team. Discharged patients are not eligible for a refund.

General refund requests: 

All purchases are final and once paid, all fees, including Subscription Fees, are non-refundable regardless of whether Services are utilized, except as prohibited by applicable law. However, you may cancel your Subscription at any time by logging into your account []( We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit in one instance, we are under no obligation to issue the same refund or credit in the future. Should there be a payment dispute, you agree to contact prior to taking any further action or requesting additional services.

The Done. care team will review whether a refund request will be considered. Alternative options may be suggested to continue treatment including a one-month payment extension or waiving membership for the month.

Refund situations include:

Loss of licensed provider coverage.

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