Pharmacy Support

Our Commitment to Helping Members

With regards to patients who cannot pick up your medications due to the national shortage of ADHD medications. Though Done is only a platform to connect patient and clinicians and never operate as a pharmacy, we feel sorry that this happens to you. We are committed to helping you secure your prescribed medications as much as we can. Many of our team members come to work on the platform, because our family and friends have ADHD, or ourselves having ADHD. And we know the potential inconvenience of not getting medication for this life-threatening medical condition.

We want to announce that for any patient who cannot obtain their prescriptions through their current pharmacy, your dedicated care team would help you contact 5 pharmacies to find a pharmacy with stock that would fill your prescription. If still not be able to find a pharmacy, we will issue a refund to your membership fee.

We’re also encouraging you to submit your request to the local medical board and the federal government to address the issue of the medication shortage.