ADHD and Mental Health

Before diving into the healthy habits you can use to support your mental health, it's important to understand how having ADHD impacts this area of your life. Unfortunately, there is a higher prevalence of other mental health conditions in people with ADHD compared to those who don't have ADHD. There is an increased risk of anxiety and depression among those who have the disorder, and people with ADHD are also more likely to develop a substance use disorder.

It's unclear exactly why people with ADHD are more prone to developing mental health issues. However, it’s likely due in part to the challenges that come with managing the condition as well as the fact that some of the neurotransmitter abnormalities associated with ADHD also overlap with those associated with anxiety and depression.  Specific personal and social stressors often found in individuals with ADHD include both discouragement from personal struggles as well as negative input from others.

However, just because you have ADHD, it doesn't mean you'll always struggle with your mental health. The following healthy habits can help you persevere in tough moments and maintain a more positive outlook on life.