1. ChatGPT

One of the most famous AI innovations is ChatGPT, a chatbot and virtual assistant which can respond to prompts with human-like language. One of the things that ChatGPT excels in is simplifying concepts in a way that makes them easier to understand. It can summarize information from large blocks of text and explain things in a more direct way.

Say you’re studying for an exam, but the dense information in your textbook is hard to understand at times. You can copy and paste the text into ChatGPT and ask it to summarize the key concepts. This can be a gamechanger for someone who normally struggles to stay focused through long reading sessions.

2. Brain.fm

Do you tend to get distracted during boring tasks? It’s not uncommon for people with ADHD to have trouble concentrating on certain projects, such as writing reports for work or cleaning and cooking at home. Brain.fm is an AI-powered tool which can curate a playlist that helps you maintain focus during these types of activities. There’s even a short quiz designed to make sure the music provided by the app is customized to each user’s unique neurotype.

Brain.fm is different from other background music playlists that claim to help with focus. This tool uses AI to create scientifically engineered audio tracks rather than traditional music which can often be distracting to people with ADHD. The tracks in Brain.fm are designed to enhance specific brainwave patterns so your brain stays in focus mode longer.

3. Goblin.tools

Many individuals with ADHD struggle with prioritization, organization, and planning. But it’s okay if you need a little help with these executive functions. Goblin.tools is a free, AI-powered tool which can provide the assistance you’re looking for.

Goblin.tools actually contains several different apps which can be applied for specific purposes. For example, you could use its Magic ToDo app to break down the task of “Cleaning out the refrigerator” into a list of smaller steps. The same task can be entered into the Estimator app to find out how long it will take to complete, which is great for ADHD folks who struggle with time management. The Chef is a Goblin.tools app which can help you meal plan, while the Compiler is designed to turn a brain dump into a to-do list. To customize your results to your needs, you can change the “spiciness” level according to your own neurodivergence.

4. CommuniqAI

One aspect of ADHD that’s often overlooked is its effect on an individual’s social skills and relationships. ADHD symptoms like mood swings, forgetfulness, and inattention can make it harder to form strong bonds with others. But social support is critical for everyone, especially those with ADHD who are more prone to certain mental health issues.

It might come as a surprise that AI can actually be harnessed to help strengthen your relationships. CommuniqAI is a communications scheduling app that helps you remember to stay in touch with friends and family. In addition to reminding you to send a text, make a phone call, or reach out in other ways, it can help you compose a message if you have trouble figuring out what to say. This type of tool is great for helping someone with ADHD feel more connected to their loved ones.

5. Wally

Money issues can be a real burden for people with ADHD, which can make it hard to save money, stay on top of bills, and avoid impulsive spending. The good news is that there are innovative AI tools which can help in this area, including Wally. This app uses artificial intelligence to automate money-related tasks and assist users in achieving their financial goals.

Wally simplifies the process of budgeting by tracking spending, categorizing your purchases, and adding up all your expenses and income streams. Based on your personal finances, it can offer a customized savings plan to help you accrue wealth and track your progress over time. Plus, it includes access to a chatbot called WallyGPT, which can teach you about investing, answer your questions about money matters, and offer personalized suggestions for financial planning and goal-setting. These types of AI features are very helpful for someone with ADHD who struggles with their finances.