What Does Board Certified Mean?

Medical school is a rigorous process that involves years of education and training. Physicians graduate from these programs prepared to treat patients and prescribe medications.

However, certain specialties require additional education and training. For these areas of medicine, physicians can opt to complete that extra work and achieve the highest level of accreditation within the specialty: board certification.

Board certification isn’t mandatory for physicians. Instead, they opt to do it in order to further their mastery within a certain specialty. This typically involves postgraduate training, followed by written and oral examinations that are reviewed by peers in their chosen specialty. If they complete these steps and successfully prove their competency and knowledge, they receive board certification.

Why Is it Important to See a Board-Certified Provider for ADHD?

ADHD is a highly complex neurodevelopmental disorder. It’s not something that can be easily diagnosed with a simple test. Instead, it involves a detailed assessment with a wide variety of factors to take into account. This is where being board certified can make a significant impact on the level of care that you receive when seeking a diagnosis.

Importantly, clinicians must be able rule out other possible conditions that may cause ADHD-like symptoms before formulating a diagnosis. For example, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, depression, and anxiety can all have symptoms that appear to be similar to ADHD.

Without the right training and knowledge, a physician could misdiagnose ADHD. This could lead to someone receiving treatment for the wrong condition — or going without treatment and continuing to suffer from their symptoms.

A board-certified provider, on the other hand, will know precisely how to evaluate your symptoms with detailed assessments, interviews with close family or friends, medical testing, and more. Their advanced level of expertise in their specialty allows them to make an informed and confident diagnosis about whether you have ADHD and get you on the right track with a personalized treatment plan.

Are Done Clinicians Board Certified?

Yes! The psychiatric clinicians for our ADHD telehealth clinic are licensed and board-certified medical practitioners who have the proven expertise to diagnose and treat ADHD. Every one of our clinicians has been fully vetted and has considerable experience in ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

When you reach out to us at Done, you’ll start with a quick, one-minute online assessment to make sure Done can help you. Next, you’ll get a 30-minute appointment with one of our licensed clinicians. They’ll be able to provide a full evaluation and use their ADHD expertise to give you the correct diagnosis. Then, if you choose to become a Done member, they’ll help with setting up a treatment plan, including prescribing ADHD medication that works for your needs.

If you want to make sure you get the best level of care, connect with our board-certified and licensed ADHD clinicians at Done today.