The shortage of Adderall is a major issue, and Done is taking it seriously. Learn more about the shortage and find out how Done can help you get the treatment you need for your ADHD.

Why Is There an Adderall Shortage?

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is the largest supplier of Adderall in the United States. Recently, manufacturing delays and a reduced labor force have made it difficult for Teva to keep up with the demand for Adderall. Similar challenges have affected other producers as well, creating a severe shortage of the drug.

Complicating matters is the fact that ADHD diagnoses have increased significantly in recent years. A greater understanding and awareness of ADHD in adults has led more people to seek out a diagnosis, which means more prescriptions for ADHD medications — including Adderall — are being written month after month. And during the pandemic, many people found that the need to work or attend school virtually made their ADHD symptoms much more noticeable. This only added to the demand for stimulants like Adderall to effectively treat symptoms.

Some concerns have been raised about Adderall being over-prescribed or being prescribed without proper monitoring. At Done, our licensed providers evaluate patients thoroughly to ensure they meet the criteria for ADHD before treatment is initiated. In addition, we've always been incredibly stringent in our ID verification process to ensure that only real patients with a legitimate diagnosis are able to get a prescription for ADHD medication. In addition, we utilize the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), which tracks prescriptions for controlled substance prescriptions like Adderall. This helps with the Adderall shortage by ensuring that patients are not obtaining prescriptions for the drug from multiple providers.

Effects of the Adderall Shortage

People who normally take stimulants like Adderall can experience symptoms of withdrawal if they stop taking it abruptly. Losing access to Adderall may cause withdrawal symptoms like irritability, headaches, achiness, drowsiness, or insomnia. In more severe cases, it can even be dangerous, potentially leading to anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts. Withdrawal symptoms are most likely to occur in those who have been taking Adderall for a prolonged period of time.

A lack of availability for Adderall may also cause some people to resort to dangerous practices to get the drug, such as taking a friend's ADHD medication or even looking for black market stimulants to use as substitutes. Some members of the medical community have even drawn parallels between this shortage and the opioid crisis.

There are complications that come with trying a different medication for ADHD without a healthcare provider's approval. For instance, patients may think that they'll get the same effects from any other stimulants prescribed for ADHD, but there are actually different types of stimulants available. Ritalin, for example, is a methylphenidate, while Adderall is an amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, and each can cause different side effects and interact with medications in different ways. Furthermore, there are immediate-release and extended-release versions of many ADHD stimulants. This is why it's critical to talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible if your normal Adderall prescription is not available.

When Will the Adderall Shortage End?

Some producers of Adderall, such as Lannett, have recovered from the shortage. However, Teva, the biggest supplier, is still struggling to produce certain dosages of the drug. Certain Adderall dosages should become available again in the coming weeks or months, while some generic offerings may not be available until March 2023.

How Done Can Help with the Adderall Shortage

It's important to keep in mind that shortages of prescription medications have happened before. Healthcare providers and pharmacists are accustomed to dealing with these types of circumstances, and they are prepared to help patients get the medication they need in order to continue managing their ADHD until their usual Adderall prescription is available once again.

That's exactly what we're doing at Done. Our healthcare providers are well aware of the shortage and are ready to assist any patients who aren't able to access their Adderall prescription as usual. And because we're able to see patients more quickly with our convenient telehealth services, you won't have to deal with long waits to talk to a provider.

Our first step is helping patients find a nearby pharmacy that has Adderall available. We have a dedicated care team that can assist our patients in locating pharmacies that both fulfill Done prescriptions and have the desired medication available.

If you're unable to locate a pharmacy with the medication you need, Done's licensed clinicians are ready to help you get an alternative. Working with a Done healthcare provider will ensure that you're prescribed a medication that's right for you and which will cause the least amount of disturbance to your day-to-day functioning. There isn't a one-size-fits-all drug that works as a backup for Adderall. Instead, your Done provider will look at your individual needs, including which type of ADHD you have, your medical history, and any other medications you might be taking, to determine the best fit.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're a current Done patient struggling with the Adderall shortage. If you're curious about whether you qualify for a diagnosis or want to get ADHD treatment through Done, simply fill out our quick one-minute online assessment to get started.