Our licensed clinicians love helping clients on a daily basis and talking to them about how treatment has improved their lives. But we know that potential clients aren’t always privy to those insights. If you’re wondering whether you should start treatment with Done, we believe you deserve to hear what our clients have to say. That’s why we’re so excited to share their testimonials with you. Read on to get the inside scoop from real people receiving ADHD treatment through Done.

Convenient ADHD Care

It’s no surprise that the convenience of telehealth appointments is something that many Done clients rave about. If you’ve ever tried to get an in-person appointment for ADHD care, you know exactly why this is such a big deal. An increase in people seeking ADHD assessments coupled with a shortage of qualified clinicians has created long wait times for appointments.

Done makes those wait times practically disappear. Instead of waiting six months or even a year, you’ll be able to meet with one of our licensed ADHD clinicians within a day or two in most cases. Faster care means getting your symptoms under control sooner, which can be life changing when you have ADHD. Here’s what our clients have to say about being able to meet with their provider virtually through Done.

“I’m a single father of two kids and I'm an outside sales rep that constantly travels, so the remote one-on-one telehealth sessions are perfect for my schedule.” —Jay

“The stigma around ADHD can prevent people from seeking in-person care. Done’s online-first care sets Done apart when it comes to addressing the unique needs of individuals with ADHD.” —Wade

“From scheduling appointments to accessing educational resources, Done makes managing ADHD feel effortless. The user-friendly interface and accessibility of support make the entire process enjoyable and conducive to progress.” —Fred

Customized Treatment Plans

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ADHD treatment plan. There are several different types of ADHD, and people with this condition can experience a wide range of symptoms. Each individual with ADHD faces unique challenges, and understanding those challenges is essential for finding the right treatment.

That’s why offering personalized attention to each and every client is a top priority at Done. We know that in order for treatment to be successful, it needs to be customized to the individual. With over 40% of our patients reporting improvements in their symptoms during their first month with Done, we know that this approach is solid.

“I didn’t really have faith Done would work, but my provider was and still is amazing. She took the time to listen to me, ask questions, give feedback and advice, and ultimately prescribe medication that changed my life.” —Branden

“I enjoyed working with my provider to come up with a safe and effective personalized treatment plan online and having the treatment delivered to my door.” —Wade

“[My doctor’s] got a great demeanor and you don't just feel like a number at a doctor’s office being rushed in and out.” —Jay

“Unlike traditional healthcare providers, Done recognizes that ADHD manifests differently in each person and offers personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs.” —Fred

A Better Life

When ADHD is hard to manage, it can feel like you don’t have control over your own life. When we say that the right treatment can be life changing, we mean it. Getting your symptoms under control and learning tools to manage your ADHD can open you up to new experiences and opportunities, strengthen your relationships with loved ones, and reduce your stress significantly.

Our clients have shared the positive effects that working with Done has had on their lives. Their ADHD success stories are so inspiring that we wanted to share a few with you.

“Done has positively impacted my journey with ADHD in numerous ways. Through their comprehensive approach, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my condition and acquired practical strategies to manage symptoms effectively. The ongoing support from dedicated professionals has instilled confidence in my ability to navigate challenges and thrive despite ADHD-related obstacles.” —Fred

“Done’s membership plan has helped me find success and thrive in a new role after a career of sleepwalking through jobs. [It] has positively impacted my journey with ADHD by allowing me to focus enough to actually get things done instead of only thinking about getting things done.” —Wade

“Thanks to Done, I was able to finish my degree and get a certificate with honors. I was also years into a dead-end, low-paying job, but thanks to Done, I actually started taking pride in my work. I realized I’m actually functioning now, and was overqualified for the job. Thanks to Done, I could actually hold conversations and nail an interview for a fantastic job that I love. My mental health has improved drastically as I now feel more competent. My ADHD had prevented me from achieving any of this. After a year with Done, I have my life together and on a great path.” —Branden

“Since joining Done, I was promoted twice at my previous company, and then my life really changed when one of my customers offered me a new career which I took. Without Done, I really don’t think it would've been possible.” —Jay