Inattentive Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Inattentive symptoms are the primary area of concern for many adults with ADHD. These inattentive symptoms cover a wide range of behaviors, but if you answer "yes" to several or all of the following questions, it indicates that you may be struggling with ADHD.  

  • Do you have trouble remembering specific details or instructions?
  • Do you have difficulty staying on task without getting distracted?
  • Do you struggle to complete projects once you've started them?
  • Do you procrastinate by putting things off until the last minute?
  • Do you have trouble listening and paying attention when talking to someone?
  • Do you often forget to follow through on promises or responsibilities?
  • Is it hard for you to determine which tasks need to be prioritized?
  • Are you disorganized or prone to misplacing things?