Your ADHD is a part of what makes you unique, and that includes the special strengths and abilities that it gives you. Once you begin to see those unexpected perks in action, it’s natural to start viewing your ADHD in a more positive light.

Wondering what types of hidden strengths you may have? Learn more about how certain ADHD symptoms can work in your favor.


ADHD can sometimes make it tough to stay focused, especially when you’re doing something that doesn’t interest you very much. But once you find the things that really spark your interest, you may discover that you’re capable of hyperfocusing. This type of intense and immersive fixation is great for exploring your hobbies or diving into work that you’re passionate about. It can be an amazing asset that allows you to be especially productive.

Sometimes referred to as ADHD’s secret superpower, hyperfocus has been favorably compared to the elusive flow state that allows an individual to lose themselves in an activity. Hyperfocus has been linked to higher activation in the parietal lobe of the brain, which gives people with ADHD an advantage over those without the disorder.


One of the most significant gifts that ADHD can bring into your life is creativity. There are plenty of creative people out there, of course, but ADHD brains are actually wired in a way that boosts this ability. Those with ADHD have been found to excel in divergent thinking. In other words, ADHDers tend to be particularly talented at coming up with multiple ideas from a single starting point or open-ended suggestion.

Put another way, ADHD folks are great at thinking outside the box. Studies have found people with ADHD to be less constrained by prior knowledge, which allows them to come up with ideas beyond the typical conceptual boundaries that many other people have. Because they don’t feel confined to a familiar framework when coming up with new ideas, their level of creativity can be particularly impressive.


Hyperactivity is one of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD. While not all people with the disorder have hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, those who do can benefit from that heightened level of activity. With more energy to burn, these ADHDers can excel in a number of areas, like sports and physically demanding jobs. Among kids, this extra energy may be less noticeable. But it’s something that adults with ADHD can really appreciate as other people their age begin to slow down.

One study involving people with ADHD found that all the participants mentioned an abundance of energy as one of the positive aspects of ADHD that they enjoyed. Some of the ways they described this benefit was in driving performance and productivity, feeling younger than their peers, and promoting a positive sense of well-being.


The world isn’t structured for people with ADHD. That can be challenging in many ways, but it also helps people with this disorder to build up resiliency over time. They know what it’s like to face challenges in their daily lives and the strength it takes to overcome those challenges and thrive in spite of them.

One study on children with ADHD found that the majority were viewed as resilient by their parents and teachers. That means that this type of fortitude and grit can start at any early age as kids push past their setbacks and find ways to adapt.


Impulsivity is a common characteristic of ADHD. And while it can have its downsides, being an impulsive person can also be beneficial in certain areas. Rather than overthinking things and avoiding risk, a person with ADHD might take the leap. They may decide at the last minute to go on a trip or try something new — and make lasting memories in the process. This type of spontaneity can contribute to a life that is more exciting, adventurous, and extraordinary.

While it’s good to recognize the reality of ADHD’s challenges, it’s just as important to look for the positives that it brings into your life. Keep in mind, however, that establishing a treatment plan that allows you to manage your symptoms effectively is one of the best ways to harness ADHD’s benefits. To learn more about your treatment options, get in touch with the licensed ADHD clinicians at Done.