Done Prioritizes Member Safety - Demand For Clarification From ABC News

Good Morning America (GMA) ran a segment to discuss the increase in ADHD diagnoses and treatment in our country. We appreciate GMA’s attempt to raise awareness about this serious issue affecting millions of Americans. However, the clinical leadership of the medical group on our platform don’t think that the report accurately captured the interactions and demand more clarifications from GMA.

Below is an example from the segment:

(Video Source: Good Morning America)

At Done, we take the safety of our members seriously and have stringent standards to protect our members and help avoid the abuse of medication. Most importantly, all clinicians that work on the Done platform are psychiatric board-certified medical professionals. They treat ADHD and other mental health conditions, are dedicated to educating people on the medical knowledge, with a patient-centered mindset. We do not take these assertions lightly and are working with clinical leadership to request detailed information from GMA to learn more. 

We understand that digital health platforms are still a new concept for many people and that many traditional providers have raised questions about the effectiveness of the technology and its role in treating patients. We started Done because there was a shortage of qualified clinicians to treat patients and because patients were struggling to find behavioral health clinicians within their communities. Digital health has helped with both of those obstacles. A recent study published in JAMA illustrates the increase and utility of telehealth services and also states that among those surveyed 25% used telehealth for mental health services. Furthermore, a study by the US Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General found that fraud among those using telehealth services was very rare. 

Although ADHD is a protected disability under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADHD patients are often treated differently at work, school, and social settings. Many patients have been treated in a way that makes them feel marginalized or stigmatized so they don’t ask for help. Done is committed to fighting that stigma, helping individuals ask for and receive help to be their best selves - at work, as parents, as coaches, as artists, as athletes, or whatever they choose to pursue. We thank you, our members for your continued trust and support. As usual, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help. 

Disclaimer: Done Global Inc. (Done) does not provide any medical services. All professional services are provided by independent medical groups via the Done technology platform.