Due to some pharmacies making decisions to delegitimize patient's needs for treatment via telehealth, many patients experienced delays receiving their prescriptions because a change of pharmacy needed to be completed in addition to additional screening measures to document the pharmacy change, and the change did not raise any flags on the patient's prescription drug monitoring program report. 

While we are disappointed with the decision of some pharmacies to prevent access to prescriptions generated on our platform, we will continue to provide them with clarity on Done. and our commitment to high-quality psychiatric chronic care management. We are assisting affected patients and providers with the transition of their pharmacy choice. We expect this situation to be quickly resolved if provided the opportunity, so patients can access the medications they have been prescribed using evidence-based medicine. We are working through all requests received in the order they were received, including a new option for members to schedule a time directly with a care team member who can address their concerns at a convenient time for the member. Additionally, for patients impacted by delays, their membership is extended free of charge for the duration of the delay.

We hope that companies with a mission to "help people on their path to better health" and that are "committed to patient safety and well-being" would value deeply rooted evidence-based treatment for ADHD - a mental health condition, instead of placing additional barriers to care that millions struggle to receive daily. Our mission is to empower everyone to reach their fullest potential. We meet that mission by making ADHD treatment more accessible and affordable by innovating mental health care with the latest technology and user-friendly experiences. We are continuously committed to increasing access and efficiency of ADHD care.