Done. the digital health platform

In the two years since Done. officially launched, we have seen a rapid transformation in the telehealth industry across the globe. Ongoing health care challenges, such as physician burnout, an aging workforce, bureaucratic and insurance demands, and poor compensation, were only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many ADHD patients in need of high-quality, alternative care options. Enter Done. 

What started as a passion project to help friends, coworkers, and loved ones struggling to access mental health care has become a critical resource in providing efficient and accessible ADHD treatment that patients continue to rely on. As more and more patients and health care leaders look at how telehealth can help address gaps in ADHD treatment, we thought it might be time for a reintroduction. So, what is Done., and what sets us apart? 

Let’s discuss.  
How does Done. work? What makes it different from other telehealth companies? 
Done. is a digital health company that is making high-quality psychiatric chronic care management more accessible and affordable for patients. Our mission is to empower everyone living with ADHD to reach their full potential. We reach that goal by providing a patient-first, technology-powered ADHD treatment platform that keeps costs down and reduces patient wait times.

The Done. platform connects patients with psychiatric board-certified medical professionals for services including online video consultations, diagnosis, 24/7 care team support, and prescription delivery to designated pharmacies. Unlike other generalized telehealth companies, Done. is laser-focused on improving the operational efficiency and safety protocols to provide higher quality care for ADHD, and ADHD only. 

Importantly, Done. does not treat or prescribe medication to patients. Clinical operations are managed by an independent professional corporation headed by board-certified psychiatrists and board-certified psychiatric nurse-practitioners. Providers must be board-certified or -eligible psychiatrists or board-certified psychiatric nurse-practitioners to provide clinical care that employs the Done. platform.

After a patient is assessed and diagnosed, if she or he is prescribed medication, electronic prescriptions are sent to designated pharmacies.  The medication may then be picked up by the patient at the pharmacy or it may be mailed to them, depending on the nature of the medication and the policies of the pharmacy and insurance. 

Consider us the mutual friend that introduces patients who may be affected by ADHD to trained clinicians. Everything that happens after that is between you and your care team.

How does Done. provide high-quality online ADHD care? 
Done. has stringent standards in place to ensure the safety of our patients. Patient identities are verified using their own photo ID that they upload prior to a consultation. We search Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) using multistate systems.

Before a potential adult patient is presented to a provider for a clinical assessment, they have completed screenings not only for current controlled substance use, but for clinically significant depression and/or anxiety, using research-verified instruments generally accepted by the psychiatric community as standard. Screening for depression and anxiety is at least as important as screening for substance use or abuse, given the high and increasing rate of suicide in this country and the high rate of suicidal ideation and attempts among patients who identifying as suffering from ADHD symptoms.

In addition to these screenings for significant psychiatric disorders other than ADHD, before presenting to a done. Clinician, all potential patients complete the Adult ADHD self-assessment scale, a research-verified diagnostic screening widely accepted by academic psychiatry as a “gold standard”.  By definition, a screening instrument has a very high likelihood of identifying all who have ADHD, but may identify some as having that disorder when they actually do not. For this and many other reasons, it is crucial for the potential patient to go on to the initial assessment by one of our board-certified or eligible psychiatrists or board-certified nurse practitioners.

If that clinician decides that the potential patient can benefit from treatment, that clinician will prepare a treatment plan and, as indicated, issue prescriptions in accordance with state/federal regulations. If a controlled substance is recommended for treatment, patients are limited to a 30-day supply. The clinical leadership of the independent professional corporation is exceedingly mindful of any risks of diversion, over- or misuse of any medications prescribed to treat ADHD, and have required that the most important responsibility of our 20-person care team be monitoring for such misuse with the goal of complete prevention.

Patients go through regular monthly check-ins on the platform, as well as a 6-month comprehensive check-in where symptoms are reviewed again. 

Done. was founded with a patient-first mentality, and “patient-first” will remain our most important principle. Thus, patient safety is our top priority.
How much does it cost to use Done.?
Done. has made ADHD treatment more affordable by innovating mental health care with the latest technology to improve operational efficiency, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Done. charges a monthly membership fee of $79 that allows patients to access the psychiatric board-certified medical professionals on the platform, including online consultations, video appointments, care team support, continued care, and access to resources that help patients with ADHD.

In addition to this monthly fee, our members pay a one-time fee of $199 to get started with Done. On average, 97% of Done. patients choose to renew their membership each month.

Done. does not charge a fee specific to medication management.