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Life changing!
Done has exceptional service and knowledgeable support that got me to where I wanted to be in the time frame I needed. The Doctor I spoke with was able to get me on a plan after the first meeting that increased the quality of my life. I couldn't be happier with my choice to reach out. Thank you!"
Feeling heard
At the initial consult my provider took the time to listen to my concerns and the challenges I was facing. For the first time in years I felt listened to by a doctor. The proposed treatment plan was thoroughly explained to me. My input was requested. The whole process has been life changing for me. I am so glad to have found done.
M. Perez
Allowing my brain to relearn..
There have been a lot of different things in my life in the last couple of years, especially in the last year that have really left me bare-faced with my ADHD… in my daily work habits, my patterns, my emotional behaviors. All things I’ve come to realized are pretty much tied to ADHD. I finally sought out help with DONE and this is probably the best decision I’ve made. I’m allowing my brain to relearn. I’ve been using DONE for 6 months and it has been LIFE CHANGING!
V. Ocean
Very happy and impressed with Done
I am very happy and impressed with the care I have received at Done. My provider took the time to listen and fully understand my needs. He has also been available between appointments for questions and adjustments to meds. I highly recommend Done, it has been life changing honestly!
DONE has helped make my life easier
My experience with done has been life changing. My entire life I’ve struggled with adhd symptoms, throughout grade school I was referred to Sylvan learning center, spent countless hours working with tutors, and needed extra time to complete assignments and tests, because focusing on my education and daily tasks were a struggle. Throughout my years of schooling from grade school, to high school, and then college, I continued to sweep my symptoms “under the rug” because I was afraid of being judged, and my personal shame of feeling incapable to do the simple tasks my peers or colleagues were completing without even a second thought. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 2020 pandemic when my symptoms became unmanageable and it started to affect my work teaching todays youth, that I knew it was time to ask for help. I began to research online, and then found that DONE was providing accessible adhd treatment online, and I could have appointments with a psychiatrist virtually. The sign-up process was easy, and the monthly payment is affordable for my current full-time teaching salary. The psychiatrist I chose based on where I live, and I’ve been seeing the same psychiatrist since beginning my treatment with DONE. I am also incredibly grateful for the support I receive each time I have a question, schedule appointments, or need technical support from the DONE Support Team because they always reply right away and they make me feel like my questions are important to them. I highly recommend using DONE for anyone in need of treatment for their adhd symptoms, because we don’t need to suffer through symptoms anymore now that access to treatment is just a click away.
Life changing
I have been seeing my doctor for years about my symptoms and she always wanted to treat me for anxiety and depression. I knew it was something more than that so I found done. After one appointment and listening I received my diagnosis and we started a care plan. Now that I am on the proper medication, it has been a game changer.
Life Saving and Life Changing
This app and their service has been not only life changing but life saving both! Having been a long term member of the hospitality industry insurance has been something that is not always offered, expensive, and just didn’t make sense to carry at times since scheduling rarely allowed me to actually go to appointments. But the further I got into my career owning my own business and being the head chef in my corporate position, I began to realize I didn’t function the same as others and needed help with this. I met with one of their counselors and sure enough at 32 years old was diagnosed with ADHD.Fast forward through the pandemic and my fiancé and I were relocated, which meant I had to shift myself. We made the decision that upon selling my business I would be able to pursue a Masters in Clinical Nutrition. This has only been with the support I receive and treatment options. Additionally since I had to leave my salary position, I had to go off of my insurance for a time and done has worked with me to make sure I could still get my medication even while transitioning over 10 hours away. With access to remote appointments I have been able to keep up with managing my ADHD. With help from Done I have not only been able to better manage the stress that comes with all these life changes, moves, wedding planning, master’s classes, and pursuing my dream career, but also taught me how this effects my emotions and how I feel about myself, helping me better manage personal aspects I didn’t realize I was dealing with as well, improving my relationship with myself and others I cherish in my life.
I love this company
I love this company! never have i felt so heard about my symptoms and providers so eager to help. this has been a life-changing experience for me and i look forward to continuing my treatment with Done. and my provider.
Life changing
For the first time in my adult life I feel like a normal person. My wife and children have noticed the change in me and the quality of our life. Anxiety, depression, procrastination, hyper fixation, hyper disconnection, etc all have been dramatically reduced and I feel I can actually progress with less stress. And it’s all because someone finally took the time to listen to me and help me figure out what was affecting my life. It took a few months to get used the the payments but it’s worth it. And not only is my clinician amazing but the customer service has been top tier. And that’s saying a lot these days.
Great process, great team, life changing medicine.
The process that Done has implemented is easy, and the team is really great. Having ADHD and the anxiety that comes with it means it's a bit more difficult for some of us to do (or think about doing) things like in-person doctor appointments. Done has seriously changed my life.
Don’t wait!
I have struggled my whole life with inattentive type ADHD. Since I am a woman with primarily i-type, I wasn’t diagnosed as a child, but I always struggled harder than anyone around me with school and work and motivation/executive function. I felt like I would never be able to get diagnosed because I had heard stories of how women and especially primarily inattentive type women were so often dismissed by their mental healthcare providers…

But at 41 I woke up one morning and decided I had struggled enough. It was time to get a diagnosis and treatment. I made an appointment with Done because psychiatrists are hard to come by in my small rural town.

I was so nervous for my appointment, but my provider quickly made me feel at ease. After I told her a bit about myself, She essentially described the struggles I had experienced in my life as though she knew everything about me… because she knows exactly how ADHD looks in women.

I am now 2 months into my treatment plan and it has been truly life changing for me. The team at Done has been responsive, helpful, and compassionate. I finally feel supported in managing my ADHD and I am making moves to balance my life in ways I never thought possible before. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!
A. Jaquith
Having signed up for Done First has been life changing
Having signed up for Done First has been life changing. It was somewhat intimidating seeking care at first for ADHD, but the team at Done made it easy and help you every step of the way.
Life Changing.
I was a little skeptical at first due to mixed reviews but decided to give it a try and glad I did. I was quickly set up with a specialist and we had a great chat about my issues and how to best approach them. I've been using their services for about 5 months now and my life has significantly changed for the better. I now understand that a lot of my problems in life were caused by undiagnosed ADHD. This service is perfect in the digital age where mental health is still hard to talk about. This platform allows us to connect with someone specifically about symptoms of ADHD without feeling judged. I feel like my problems are finally heard by someone who understands rather than be given generic advice that doesn't work. I'd highly recommend this service.
Happy and Focused
After suspecting that I had ADD, I found that my GP was not as helpful and thought my symptoms were more anxiety related. I saw an ad for Done and used my FSA account to have a specific analysis related to ADD, where I was diagnosed and prescribed medication. It has been LIFE CHANGING. When I discussed my dosage after the first month with my provider, they were very responsive. My pharmacy did change, but Done contacted me ahead of time and ensured that it was a pharmacy that I was familiar with. Very satisfied and happy to continue.
Life Changing
Done basically saved my life. My old psychiatrist refused to even test me for ADHD because I graduated top of my law school class. My doctor through Done is kind, understanding, and above all, experienced with ADHD. My life is so much better with the medication I am now taking. My insurance initially denied coverage for my medication, but I appealed and with Done’s help, coverage was approved.
Having signed up for Done for more than six months
I have been patient I’ve done for more than six months now, and they have been amazing and accommodating all my needs. Practitioners and DONE are very professional welcoming, friendly, and most importantly they make me feel like I’m being genuinely listened to. They are quick to respond and help me take care of any hiccups with insurance companies in terms of medications. In particular, their prior authorization team has been amazing helping me with the otherwise frustrating process of getting medication approved and paid for by my insurance company. They worked with me and with my insurance and I am very impressed with the amount of care, detail, and extra work they did to make sure I was taken care of. DONE goes above and beyond and I’m so grateful I found them, addressing mental health in this crazy time with the pandemic and quarantine has been life-changing. I can confidently say that without their help I would not be thriving the way I am today after the entire year of stressful life events. I definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re even thinking about it.
Great experience!
My experience has overwhelmingly been positive. My initial meeting with my practitioner was productive and efficient (something I'm not used to when it comes to healthcare). I felt heard and understood during my meeting. When prescribed medication, I was educated on what was being prescribed and potential side effects, so I felt prepared. Fortunately, I have not needed any adjustment in medication or anything like that, but I have been able to easily schedule follow up appointments regardless. For me, it has been a great experience and has really set me on the right path to care properly for my health.
You won't regret it!
Done and my therapist provided excellent and efficient care for my treatment needs. They have versatile contact options which is great for my busy schedule, and respond promptly for any follow up appointments or questions. I had seen ads for Done for a while and I'm only sad I didn't start with them sooner!
Done has been AMAZING for me!
I think I've struggled for years with undiagnosed ADHD and now that I've found Done, I am so relieved. It has been a game changer and life saver! My clinician was amazing and really listened to my concerns to make sure the right treatment plan was established. I would 100% recommend Done to anyone struggling with ADHD.
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