Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of treatment plans do you offer?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

Our goal is for you to find the right medication that works for you. ADHD treatment is not one size fits all. It takes trial and error to find one that works for your biology and environment. Our team will help you design a safe and effective personalized treatment plan for you.

Here's how our process works:

After the initial visit.

You should take the medication as prescribed. Our providers' expertise in ADHD means they understand how to manage these medications so that you are taking a safe and appropriate dosage or type. You can always message your provider about side effects and symptoms and they will work with you to manage any possible side effects or residual symptoms.

Taking the medication.

Medications affect everyone differently. It can take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust and realize their full effects. ADHD medications typically require additional lifestyle changes in order to ensure that side effects and symptoms are managed. Feel free to message your provider to learn more about how to manage your symptoms and side effects.

Treatment Plan Adjustments

Due to the legal regulations around ADHD medications, your provider can only make adjustments to your medication once per month. If you are experiencing side effects of the medication, please message your provider to learn how to manage them.


If your medication is effective with no intolerable side effects, refills are just a click away. Just log into your patient portal, then click "Request a Prescription Renewal" located under the "Your Treatment Plan" section of your health dashboard homepage. Prescription refills can only be requested 25 days after your provider sent in your last prescription, and most pharmacies will only dispense your medication 30 days after your previous month's prescription was dispensed.

Do you treat other things besides ADHD?
Last updated:
May 30, 2023

Yes! Depending on the complexity of your medical history, our providers could also provide treatment options for mental health conditions aside from ADHD. All of our providers are well-equipped with clinical expertise in the field of psychiatry and they should be able to help manage other mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our providers so they can determine the best treatment that you need.

How can I acquire my medical records?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

You may request your medical records and other documentation related to your treatment by contacting us at

Do you offer therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

We do not currently offer therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy; our current focus is on personalized medication management. However, there is a lot of value in these therapies and we highly recommend them.

Can I switch from my psychiatrist to you?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

Yes! Our providers will do a comprehensive evaluation for every new patient. Before the initial consultation, patients are also required to submit a thorough medical history survey which will be evaluated by our providers before each appointment. Having previous notes from your previous psychiatrist(s) will help with filling out the required information. Having your previous records will also be helpful for your provider to evaluate your prescription history and treatment plans, and determine if they are still a good fit for you.

We offer a much more convenient treatment experience. Our provider will let you know if they want to see previous medical history from your psychiatrist or primary care physician after your initial assessment.

Will you be able to continue my prescription?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

Our providers need to perform a comprehensive evaluation for every new patient. You can present the previous prescription to your provider and it will be taken into account when they craft your personalized treatment plan. Your provider will help determine whether continuing your previous treatment plan is still a good option for you.

What treatment options are available?
Last updated:
May 3, 2023

Studies show that medications work very well for the treatment of ADHD. They are safe when administered by a mental health expert and are the most common first-line treatments.

Done focuses on personalized medication management. Our providers will craft a treatment plan that tackles your symptoms and adjust the dosage until you have a great fit. They can recommend supplements that can hone your focus, stave off any side effects, and help you recover.

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