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* Update: The DEA has issued a formal Temporary Extension of COVID-19 Telemedicine Flexibilities for Prescription of Controlled Medications. This means the prescription of controlled substances such as Adderall will be allowed to be managed online for an additional period of 6 months, until November 11, 2023. The current telemedicine flexibilities allowed during the COVID-19 PHE will remain in place through for a 6 month extension. Additionally, for practitioner-patient telemedicine relationships that are established before the November 11, 2023 deadline, the full set of telemedicine flexibilities regarding prescription of controlled medications will continue to be permitted via a one-year grace period through November 11, 2024.

Done. is transforming the way it delivers Psychiatric Care

The end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) on May 11 will change the way telemedicine currently works in the United States. Our new platform now supports options for both virtual and in-person psychiatric care, so that we can continue to meet you whenever and wherever you are - providing the unique and uninterrupted care YOU need to live up to your fullest potential.

We are operating several In-Person clinics across different US states and have partnered with DEA-registered office locations where patients will be able to attend a virtual visit with our providers under the supervision of onsite personnel.

PHE is Ending - What does that mean?

On February 24, 2023,  the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released its new proposed rules for telemedicine and controlled medications. After May 10, 2023, the way controlled substances are prescribed will change. 

For Existing Patients

Existing patients who are prescribed a controlled substance before May 10, 2023: The DEA will require a qualified referral on file before November 7, 2023 to continue treatment with controlled medications via telehealth. Patients can also choose to meet one of our providers in-person at one of our multiple locations.

For New Patients

New patients who need controlled substance prescriptions after May 10, 2023: The DEA will require patients who plan to use telemedicine services to manage their prescription to have a qualified referral on file before starting treatment. Patients can also choose to meet one of our providers for an in-person appointment.

We want to make sure you continue to receive the uninterrupted care you deserve - that is why we are here to support you every step of the way.

What is a qualifying telemedicine referral?

A qualified referral is a referral that comes from a provider that sees you, it can be your primary care physician or your local provider. By submitting this form, they can request that you can manage your controlled substance prescriptions via telehealth with Done. Depending on the state, this form should be submitted every few months, and will require an in-person physical examination as well.

Download Referral Form Here

What comes next?

Patients managing a controlled substance prescription with Done. should follow the instructions below before November 7, 2023 in order to keep managing their prescriptions online. We know you have a lot going on, so rest assured that we will keep reminding you of this deadline.

How to get a qualified referral before Nov 7, 2023

Step 1:
Provide this referral form to your local practitioner or primary care doctor. You can send the link, download and email the pdf, or print it out and bring it to your next appointment.

Step 2:
Ask your practitioner to complete the referral form: your practitioner will request that Done. continues your care and prescription management virtually.

Step 3:
Upload this form in your patient portal or email it to our care team at

If your doctor has questions, you can direct them to our post-pandemic telehealth care page for providers.

Following these steps will ensure we can continue supporting you with your medication prescription uninterruptedly in the future.

We will be with you every step of the way.

We will be sure to keep you updated should there be any healthcare requirements in your respective state.

Done. will continue to remain compliant with the ever-changing healthcare landscape but these changes will have no impact on the quality of care our patients are receiving. Rest assured that you will be able to receive the continued care you need and we will be here to support you every step of the way. 

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