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* Update: The DEA has issued a formal Temporary Extension of COVID-19 Telemedicine Flexibilities for Prescription of Controlled Medications. This means the prescription of controlled substances such as Adderall will be allowed to be managed online for an additional period of 6 months, until November 11, 2023. The current telemedicine flexibilities allowed during the COVID-19 PHE will remain in place through for a 6 month extension. Additionally, for practitioner-patient telemedicine relationships that are established before the November 11, 2023 deadline, the full set of telemedicine flexibilities regarding prescription of controlled medications will continue to be permitted via a one-year grace period through November 11, 2024.

We are here to support your patients and work with you to support their mental health needs. 

With the end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) your patient will need your support when it comes to managing their mental health needs - especially in the case of controlled substance prescriptions.

As you may know, during the pandemic, many patients managed their controlled substance prescriptions via telehealth, this included medication for ADHD. Even with a pre existing diagnosis, Done. patients have always had to go through our own rigorous, technology-supported diagnosis assessment before being prescribed medication. During the pandemic, thousands of patients successfully managed their ADHD treatment through our platform. With the PHE ending- your patient will need us to partner and work together  to continue their controlled substance treatment through telehealth with Done.

PHE Ending Timeline

After November 11, 2023, the way controlled substances are prescribed will change. The DEA has issued a formal Temporary Extension of COVID-19 Telemedicine Flexibilities for Prescription of Controlled Medications. This means the prescription of controlled substances will be allowed to be managed online until November 11, 2023.

For Existing Patients

Existing patients who are prescribed a controlled substance before November 11, 2023: The DEA will require a qualified referral on file before November 11, 2024 to continue treatment with controlled medications via telehealth.

For New Patients

New patients who need controlled substance prescriptions after November 11, 2023: The DEA will require patients who plan to use telemedicine services to manage their prescription to have a qualified referral on file before starting treatment.

What is a qualifying telemedicine referral?

A qualified referral is a referral that comes from a provider who sees the patient in person. By submitting this form, you can request that your patient is able to manage their controlled substance prescriptions via telehealth with Done. Depending on the state, this form should be submitted every few months, and will require an in-person physical examination as well.

Download Referral Form Here

Why Done. is the best option for your patient to manage their ADHD.

Done. is a digital health company that is making high quality psychiatric chronic care management more accessible and affordable for patients. Our mission is to empower everyone living with ADHD to reach their fullest potential.

With guidance from the most advanced clinical leadership and board-certified psychiatrists from day one, we have created a platform that provides a patient-first healthcare experience and the highest quality of ADHD care for our patients. 

At Done., first we want to eliminate the stigma and confusion or isolation around ADHD and empower anyone to receive the help they need to live up to their fullest potential.

Our providers:

We’ve hired some of the most esteemed and board-certified experts in the industry to collaborate and tackle ADHD together. Their wisdom and experience has allowed us to build a robust online platform that infuses efficiency with effectiveness. We put the patient’s needs first and seek to provide a stable scaffolding during their entire journey with us.

To ensure our high-quality care, we have a rigorous process of vetting the providers that serve on our platform. We look only for the most qualified and experienced licensed practitioners in each state who will prioritize the health and wellbeing of our patients above anything else. We do not provide incentives or compensation for prescriptions.

Our platform:

Done. is dedicated to serving individuals who otherwise may not be comfortable seeking care for ADHD in person due to stigma around ADHD treatment or may not be able to access care due to cost or availability.   By providing a platform that deals directly with patients and manages the logistics and administrative work around their care, Done. allows providers to spend more time focusing on what they do best – evaluating and treating patients.

Our technology:

We believe that technology is a vital part of the solution to connect anyone to the right psychiatric care at the right time - even through their mobile device. This “always-on” strategy allows for seamless accessibility, convenient interactions like video calls, and 24/7 support. Our patients are the lifeblood of Done. and we know that the overwhelming nature of ADHD can strike at any moment. Done.’s technology-first approach allows for higher quality care and better health outcomes, with a more rigorous, data-supported diagnosis supported with a 30-minute online session.

Our diagnosis process:

At Done., we use groundbreaking technology to support the online ADHD diagnosis process. Before a patient ever meets with a clinician through our platform, they MUST fill out an initial clinical assessment form that screens members for ADHD symptoms as well as other comorbidities. Quality matters more than time - a provider can spend time really getting to know a patient during their online ADHD diagnosis appointment thanks to our platform and technology. Clinicians receive the assessment results before their first encounter with a patient, making time spent with them more efficient and allowing them to truly listen to a patient’s concerns during their online ADHD diagnosis appointment. 

The Screening Process


Before the online ADHD diagnosis appointment, a patient must complete a series of documents, including the ASRS (ADHD Self Report Scale), GAD-7 (Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screening), PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression) and a medical history questionnaire that includes questions related to contraindications and prior family health history.


Patients must also submit their ID, which is verified again during the appointment, as well as address history and contact information.


Through the Done. platform, clinicians are able to evaluate patients with the support of all this data collected prior to the online ADHD diagnosis appointment. Before meeting them online, they can first determine if a patient is deemed eligible and allowed to schedule a telemedicine visit.


Patients are also sent through a system that checks all state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) to identify potential patterns of abuse or misuse. Providers review this report prior to the 30-min online diagnosis appointment.


After a consultation is conducted, if a patient is diagnosed with ADHD or any other psychiatric condition the provider will prepare a treatment recommendation and issue prescription(s) in accordance with state/federal regulations.
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