But simply knowing that some of your peers are also dealing with ADHD might not really bring you that much comfort. We’ve found that what many individuals with ADHD really crave are success stories that can inspire hope. Regardless of how common the condition may be, it’s important to remember that the right treatment can be life changing. That’s why we wanted to share some of the success stories from our own clients at Done. Here’s a closer look at how effective ADHD treatment from Done has made a difference for real people like you.

Finding Success in School

It’s no secret that ADHD can make it harder to perform well in school. That’s something often associated with young children when they’re first diagnosed, but for teens and adults with ADHD, the same problems can happen in high school and college.

Branden discovered a new level of academic achievement after working with the licensed clinicians at Done. His symptoms had been ignored by other providers, but once Done set him up with the appropriate treatment, he finally found success in school. “Thanks to Done, I was able to finish my degree and get a certificate with honors. I've never received good grades before, and now we know why.” Branden says.

The positive outcomes of his ADHD treatment also helped Branden enter the job market. He explains that because of his new treatment plan, “I could actually hold conversations, and nail an interview for a fantastic job that I love. My mental health has improved drastically as I now feel more competent.”

Getting a Career Back on Track

When you have adult ADHD, navigating the professional world can be challenging. There are many symptoms of ADHD which can interfere in someone’s work life, whether it’s being disorganized, forgetting deadlines, or interrupting during meetings. These kinds of issues can potentially derail someone’s career or hamper their professional prospects.

Fortunately, the right treatment can help someone with ADHD thrive in their career — just as it did for Wade, one of our clients. For him, the biggest changes he saw from treatment happened at work. “Done's membership plan has helped me find success and thrive in a new role after a career of sleepwalking through jobs,” Wade explains. “Done has positively impacted my journey with ADHD by allowing me to focus enough to actually get things done instead of only thinking about getting things done.” He credits his treatment with Done for “getting my career turned around.”

Wade found that the convenience of Done’s online treatment was a major factor in managing his ADHD effectively. “If you think you might be suffering from ADHD symptoms and, paradoxically, those same symptoms have prevented you from seeking more cumbersome in-person care, try out Done,” Wade says. “Digital treatment for a digital world. Analog treatment might have made sense when the world was analog and still has its place, but as the world changes so do the options for safe and effective treatment.”

Helping a Single Dad

Parenting is a tough job, but it can be even harder when you’re dealing with ADHD. Throw in being a single parent and you’ve got a lot of challenges on your plate. That’s what Jay was dealing with when he came to Done for help. The treatment he received made a major impact on his life by allowing him to focus more of his time on his kids.

“If you're like me and you're a single dad with 50:50 custody, then you know that you put everyone else's needs first: kids’ doctor appointments, their football and cheerleading practices,” Jay says. “I don't have time to sit in a waiting room for a doctor who's always running late and who has zero bedside manner.”

Fortunately, Done turned out to be the perfect solution. “I can take my appointments with Done's physician from the comfort of my home office or my car,” he explains. “My doctor always is on time for our calls, my script is always called in on time, and if I have questions or an issue, someone gets back to me within 20-40 minutes.”

Whether you’re trying to improve things in school, in your career, or in your personal life, the right ADHD treatment can make all the difference. At Done, we’re proud to offer convenient, affordable ways to get in touch with a licensed ADHD clinician so you can find the right medication for your needs sooner rather than later. Take our quick online assessment to get started today.