Home Assistant

Executive functions like planning and time management can be tricky for people with ADHD. That can lead to lots of messy mix-ups, like missing important work deadlines or burning dinner because they forgot something was in the oven. Those kinds of setbacks aren’t just inconvenient — they can also be demoralizing and embarrassing.

A gift that helps them easily address these issues is sure to be highly appreciated. Home assistants like Google Nest and Amazon Alexa devices make excellent presents for people with ADHD for this very reason. A virtual assistant can be incredibly helpful for managing time and keeping a routine. There’s no need to remember to jot things down or keep track of written notes. Instead, the user can simply speak to the device to get the help they need, totally hands-free. These are a just a few of the many ways home assistants can be utilized to accommodate ADHD symptoms:

  • Set timers and alarms.
  • Create reminders for important events and deadlines.
  • Make a grocery list or shopping list.
  • Ask what the schedule is for the day.
  • Get step-by-step cooking instructions.

Acupressure Mat

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are relatively common among those with ADHD. Dealing with the symptoms of the condition day in and day out can cause people with ADHD to feel burnt out over time. It’s something that many ADHDers have to learn to cope with in order to avoid the poor health effects of chronic stress.

If you’re trying to think of a gift that will make someone with ADHD feel a bit pampered and promote relaxation, consider getting them an acupressure mat. These mats are a simple yet effective way to help release tension in the muscles. The mat features hundreds of acupressure points which help to relax the body, relieve aches and pains, improve circulation, and even boost energy levels. Acupressure can release feel-good endorphins that may help to melt their stress away.

Sound-Reducing Earplugs

If you’re looking for ADHD gift ideas, you’ll likely come across plenty of recommendations for noise-canceling headphones. It’s true that these devices can be very helpful for people with ADHD, but there’s another option that may be better suited to your recipient. Sound-reducing earplugs are a great alternative for those who could benefit from reducing their exposure to noise without creating a completely silent environment.

One brand specializing in this type of device is Loop. The brand’s earplugs come in a range of styles to accommodate different sensory needs, including those who have hypersensitivity to noise. Loop’s ADHD earplugs are designed to lower the volume of the sound around the user, which makes their environment feel much calmer and quieter. This, in turn, can help to boost concentration or simply allow someone to feel more relaxed when they might otherwise experience sensory overload. Because the earplugs only lower the volume rather than completely blocking out all noise, people wearing them can still socialize and engage with the people around them.

Spinner Ring

Fidget toys are a great option for people with ADHD. They’re a budget-friendly gift or stocking stuffer that can help to minimize distraction, restlessness, and anxiety. But many of the fidget toys available today seem to be designed with kids in mind. They might be useful, but adults with ADHD may not feel comfortable using brightly colored toys of this sort in public environments.  

For a subtle and inconspicuous option, choose a spinner ring instead. This type of accessory can offer the same benefits as fidget toys, but they’re much more discreet. Stylish options can be just as visually pleasing as they are mentally stimulating, which makes them a great choice for people with ADHD who prefer to keep their fidgeting as unobtrusive as possible.

Charging Station

People with ADHD often struggle with their working memory. They tend to forget things more frequently than a neurotypical individual, so misplacing and losing things may be common occurrences. For these reasons, a charging station can be a thoughtful gift for someone with ADHD.

A charging station makes it easier for ADHDers to keep track of all their devices and charging accessories. It creates a central base where all of these items can be kept, so there’s no more turning the house upside down on the hunt for a matching charging cable. Plus, keeping phones, tablets, and other items in a designated location can reduce the chances of misplacing those items elsewhere.

Adult Coloring Book

Many people with ADHD are very creative thanks to the unique way that their brain processes things. If you know an ADHDer with a bit of an artistic side or an appreciation for design, choose an adult coloring book as their gift. This type of art gift is more than just a fun way to pass the time — it also offers benefits that can be particularly advantageous for those with ADHD.

Adult coloring books have been found to help with relaxation and releasing anxiety. They offer a calming activity that’s easy to pick up whenever a little stress relief is needed. Coloring can also result in improved brain function and higher levels of focus, which is great for the ADHD mind that constantly wants to wander.

Professional Cleaning Service

Cleaning doesn’t always come easy to folks with ADHD. It’s not that they have a higher tolerance for messes and clutter. It’s simply harder for them to tackle these types of chores and stay organized over time. This is another example of the issues with executive functioning that tend to plague ADHDers. Even if they desire a clean and clutter-free home, it feels so hard to make that a reality.

If you know someone who struggles in these areas, get them a gift certificate for services from a professional cleaner and/or organizer. Arrange for someone to do a deep clean of their house, or have an organizer come tidy up especially cluttered spaces, like a bedroom closet or a kids’ playroom. This is a gift that’s sure to bring them a lot of joy while also relieving some of the stress they feel about their cleaning responsibilities.

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