Why Is It Harder to Develop Hobbies with ADHD?

People with ADHD are often very curious and creative. This can lead them to develop an interest in a number of possible hobbies. In fact, they may find a hobby so fascinating at the outset that they become fully absorbed in it for a period of time. This is often referred to as hyperfocus, and while it can be fun when you're first diving into a new hobby, there are some downsides. When someone with ADHD is hyperfocusing, they become so fixated on an activity or interest that it's often hard to pull them away.

Hyperfocus happens as a result of a dysregulated attention system in the brain, which is common in people with ADHD. Problems with managing attention can result in periods where it's harder to pay attention as well as periods where focus is especially intense. When someone with ADHD hyperfocuses on a hobby, they often invest a significant amount of time and money into it upfront.

However, periods of hyperfocusing tend to die down eventually. It's common for people with ADHD to lose interest in a hobby after the initial fascination wears off. Because of the way the brain of an individual with ADHD typically works, they begin to look elsewhere for rewards and stimulation once they stop getting a rush of dopamine from their hobby.