Fortunately, there’s an easier option: Done online ADHD treatment for adults and children. The ability to meet with a doctor virtually can cut appointment wait times down dramatically. At Done, we can often connect you with a licensed clinician as soon as next week for an appointment. You can get a diagnosis along with answers to all of your questions about  ADHD treatment and medication. In addition to being faster and more convenient, it’s affordable too. 

Our telehealth ADHD treatment is a gamechanger, but how do you get started? And what can you expect when you get help for ADHD online? Here’s our simple and straightforward guide for how to get treated for ADHD online.

Step 1: Get an Online Appointment with a licensed clinician

Telehealth services are becoming more common, which means you have lots of options for treating ADHD online. But not all virtual services are created equally. You need a robust platform that keeps your personal and health information secure. In addition, an intuitive user experience will make it easier to get ADHD help from your computer or mobile device.

Most important, however, is the quality of the care you receive. You need qualified providers who have the necessary expertise in ADHD to make an accurate diagnosis and help you find the right treatment plan.

At Done, we’ve made sure that every aspect of our ADHD online diagnosis and treatment meets the very highest standards for quality patient care. Patient identities are verified using their own photo ID that they upload prior to a consultation, and we keep every patient’s information 100% secure. Our platform is easy to navigate and made to simplify the telehealth ADHD treatment experience.

Our team of licensed clinicians includes qualified individuals with extensive experience diagnosing and treating neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD. All of the nurse practitioners that work on the Done platform are psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNPs), board certified psychiatrists and medical doctors. Our psychiatric clinicians are licensed and board-certified mental health practitioners who adhere to our holistic approach to treating ADHD. In addition, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are searched using multistate systems and screened amongst 20 different items before being passed to a provider for review. With a team of experts on your side, you can be confident you’re getting quality care from Done.

Step 2: Find a Treatment Plan that Works for You

An ADHD diagnosis can change your life. Not only does it give you a better understanding of why your brain works the way it does, but it also gives you a clearer path to managing your symptoms.

Once you’ve found a licensed provider who can provide an accurate diagnosis and quality care, the next step is determining what type(s) of treatment you want to pursue. This is another important consideration when using online services for the treatment of ADHD. Online services may handle treatment in different ways, and you want to make sure you’re getting personalized care that takes your unique needs into account.

Done follows the recommended treatment guidelines for ADHD. However, our providers don’t just follow a set formula. Instead, providers on the Done platform evaluate patients and make clinical determination on treatment for the patient . This includes referrals for patients who would benefit from therapy treatment, or transfer to a higher level of care in complex cases. Our providers can help connect patients with Done's partners who work with therapists specializing in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

We also help make sure that every patient knows their options when it comes to the best medications for treating ADHD based on their personal needs and preferences. Our providers do not distribute prescriptions to patients. Clinical operations on the platform are managed by an independent professional corporation headed by board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. If a patient is assessed, diagnosed, and prescribed medication for treatment, prescriptions are electronically delivered to the patients preferred pharmacy  for distribution.

The whole process is seamless, which means you aren’t left on your own when it comes to making treatment decisions and knowing where to go to get the medication or therapy that you need. Done helps every step of the way, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident when seeking help for ADHD online.

Step 3: Take Advantage of Ongoing ADHD Management

Starting treatment is a great first step in your journey to get help for ADHD. As you try new medication and/or begin therapy, you may find that you want to make some adjustments. Unlike some other online services, Done ADHD treatment continues long after a prescription has been written or a therapy referral has been provided thanks to our patient-first approach.

We make it easy to get ongoing ADHD online treatment with insurance or without insurance. Our technology platform charges a reasonable monthly membership fee that allows patients to consult with psychiatric board-certified medical professionals for follow-up visits. This includes online video consultations, diagnosis, a 24/7 care team support, and prescription delivery to designated pharmacies.

If you think you might need a dosage adjustment, for example, you can always reach out to your Done care team to discuss your concerns. It’s quite common for an ADHD treatment plan for adults or children to require a few dosage adjustments, especially at the beginning. Maybe the first medication you tried isn’t giving you the results you need, or you want to try working with a different therapist. When you’re a monthly member at Done, your care team is always there to help. It’s our top priority to make sure every patient is fully satisfied and has access to expert clinicians whenever they have questions or concerns.

Taking that first step toward ADHD help is easy with Done. Start with our one-minute assessment. We’ll use your responses to match you up with a licensed ADHD clinician who can help you get the diagnosis or treatment that you need.