Curious about partnering with Done? Here's a closer look at what we can do to help you and answers to some of the common questions about our ADHD telehealth services.

Benefits of Choosing Done for ADHD Care

At Done, our mission is to make ADHD treatment as accessible as possible for everyone who needs it. The truth is that with traditional in-person appointments, there are a number of obstacles that can keep patients from getting the treatment they need. There is a serious shortage of providers with ADHD expertise. At the same time, more people are becoming aware of ADHD symptoms (especially for ADHD in adults), which is increasing the demand for in-person evaluations and creating long wait lists to get an ADHD screening.

Besides the provider shortages, there are various barriers to access that can affect people based on their location, their job, their finances, or their family situation. For example, someone living in a remote area might have to drive an hour to get to the nearest ADHD clinic. Another potential patient might have no paid time off available through their job for going to healthcare appointments, and the added expense of childcare when going to one of those appointments could make it cost prohibitive.

Done offers all the same perks of direct access to a licensed clinician who can help with diagnosis and determining the right treatment for your needs, but it bypasses all of these roadblocks. We have numerous board-certified ADHD clinicians available, which means most patients can get an appointment within a few days. And with the convenience of our telehealth platform, you can find an appointment time that fits your schedule. You won't have to worry about the travel time to get to and from the appointment, trying to get time off of work, or having to pay extra for things like childcare. It's simple, it's affordable, and it's effective, giving you faster access to the ADHD care you need.

Done Treatment FAQs

If you're interested in the possibility of using Done to get ADHD treatment, you might have a few questions. Here, we answer some of the FAQs from potential patients to help you make an informed decision.

How does Done work?

There are four easy steps with Done:

  1. Fill out and submit an introductory assessment. It only takes about one minute to complete.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a provider of your choice. You'll complete an additional medical history questionnaire during this step.
  3. Work with your doctor to decide on the proper course of treatment and have your medication shipped to a local pharmacy (more on that below).
  4. Become a member at Done if you'd like to receive ongoing care, which includes 24/7 access to your clinicians and care team after treatment is issued and monthly prescription refills.

How much does Done cost?

Done is an affordable alternative to traditional in-person psychiatry appointments, which cost around $400 per hour on average. With Done, the initial appointment only costs $199. We offer out-of-network insurance support to try to help limit this cost whenever possible. If you choose to become a Done member, the cost is just $79 per month. For the treatment, costs are about $40 to $80 per month out of pocket, or the copay amount with insurance.

Is membership required?

No, membership at Done is completely optional. However, you'll need to sign up for a membership to get ongoing care and prescription renewals. If you choose to become a Done member, you can cancel at any time.

Finding a Local Pharmacy

In select states, Done is able to ship treatment directly to patients for free. However, in most locations, prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy for local pickup. As a patient, you'll need to provide the name, phone number, and address of the pharmacy to have your prescription shipped there.

Keep in mind that not all pharmacies accept Done prescriptions. But that's no reason to worry. At Done, we have a dedicated care team that will help you reach out to local pharmacies to find one that fulfills prescriptions from our licensed clinicians.

At Done, we take ADHD care seriously. We know that an interruption to your ADHD treatment isn't just inconvenient — it can cause serious disruptions to your life and potentially affect your performance at work or school, your relationships with friends and family, and your mental health. It can even be life-threatening.

We're committed to doing everything we can to locate a pharmacy near you where you can get your treatment from Done. If for any reason you are not able to find a nearby pharmacy that accepts Done prescriptions, we will issue a full refund of your membership fee.