What Is an Online ADHD Test?

An online ADHD test takes one of the most basic parts of ADHD diagnosis — a symptom screening — and turns it into an online quiz of sorts. The idea behind these tests is to perform a self-assessment to find out if you have ADHD. You’re presented with different questions pertaining to your experiences and symptoms, and then your answers are calculated to give you a final score.

Many free ADHD tests focus solely on signs of ADHD in adults and children. However, some go beyond that to include tasks that are structured to test an individual’s neuropsychological skills. Some even monitor test-takers’ movements and take those factors into account when assessing a person’s likelihood of having ADHD.

Benefits of Online ADHD Tests

Dozens of websites offer their version of an online ADHD test. These assessments can be useful for helping people identify relevant ADHD symptoms in adults and children and think more deeply about how the symptoms they experience are affecting their lives. An online ADHD test can be a good initial tool to see if you may qualify for an ADHD diagnosis.

For example, Done offers a one-minute assessment that asks potential clients some very basic questions. This assessment is then used by our team of licensed clinicians to determine whether someone is a good fit for the services at Done. These qualifications include not only some of the key symptoms of ADHD, but also their age and their medical history.

Disadvantages of Online ADHD Tests

Although ADHD adult assessments can be particularly helpful for deciding whether to pursue a diagnosis, there are many online sites that give users false ideas about what they’re capable of.

Unfortunately, online ADHD tests for adults and kids can often be overestimated when it comes to their accuracy. If you see a test that claims it can diagnose adult ADHD or tell a parent whether their child has the disorder, it’s best to find another option. There are certain steps that must be followed for how to diagnose ADHD in adults and children, and simply taking an online quiz is not sufficient.

ADHD assessment tools for adults and children are just that — tools. They can’t actually tell you if you have ADHD. Instead, they should only be used to help people who are on the fence about whether to seek a diagnosis and ADHD medication for adults or kids based on their symptoms and personal experiences.

Other Types of ADHD Assessments

Online ADHD tests are one type of assessment that may be used to help someone determine whether they may have the disorder. However, other types of assessments may be incorporated into the actual diagnosis process.

For example, a clinician typically interviews the patient as a primary means of determining a diagnosis. When a child is being assessed for ADHD, parents are closely involved in these interviews to help provide accurate answers and fill in gaps about symptoms that children may not be aware of or fully understand. Adults, on the other hand, are more self-aware and can provide detailed answers during the interview to give the clinician a better idea of their experiences.

In some cases, an ADHD specialist will determine that further assessments are needed. For example, they may have the patient’s friends or family members fill out a written assessment form or questionnaire to provide additional context for the patient’s symptoms.

Diagnosing ADHD in Adults and Children

Taking an online test for ADHD isn’t a bad idea. Just keep in mind that it will only give you a vague idea about your potential for a diagnosis.

The only way to actually find out if you have the disorder is to talk directly to an ADHD specialist. The truth is that while many tests ask detailed questions about your symptoms, simply having certain childhood or adult ADHD symptoms isn’t sufficient for a diagnosis. There are many people who display some of the signs of ADHD, but who don’t actually have the disorder.

Even an ADHD test that has been officially approved by the World Health Organization — the Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS) Screener — is intended as a symptom checklist and not an actual diagnostic test. Other rating scales also are intended for similar use in evaluating symptoms but not for providing a definitive diagnosis. You need to meet with a clinician who has the ADHD expertise to evaluate your symptoms in a more complex way to determine whether you qualify for a diagnosis.

Getting an ADHD Diagnosis Online

While a simple online test can’t tell you if you have ADHD, it is possible to get diagnosed for ADHD online. Done is a telehealth service that goes far beyond a self-assessment to make sure patients get an accurate diagnosis during a one-on-one appointment. It also makes it possible for patients to access medicine for ADHD in adults and children through a clinician-approved prescription.

At Done, our process involves speaking directly with an ADHD specialist, which is absolutely essential for diagnosis accuracy. Though it’s not as fast as filling out a quick online quiz, it’s convenient, easy, and affordable. Rather than waiting weeks or months for a local appointment, you can fill out our one-minute assessment and get an appointment with a clinician the next day or, in some cases, even the same day.

If you’re ready to take that next step and find out if ADHD is a factor in your life and get the treatment you need, contact Done today.