Stimulants are the most commonly used treatment for ADHD and have proved to be incredibly helpful for some people, there are other options.

The main reason people are hesitant to receive treatment for ADHD is because of the side effect correlated to stimulants. There are many different stimulant options, people tend to find one medication works better than the other for them personally. Recently, companies have been producing supplements that fight the side effects of stimulant medications.

However, there are non-stimulant medications, which are commonly prescribed to treat ADHD. These medications tend to help those who also struggle with anxiety. There are also some studies that show antidepressants can be helpful for the treatment of ADHD patients.

There are many options when it comes to none medical treatment of ADHD.

Some doctors recommend a specific diet, avoiding food coloring and preservatives. Many people report when avoiding personal allergies their ADHD improves. There is some research that taking supplements such as Zinc or B-6 has a positive effect on individuals’ ADHD symptoms.

Another simple change doctors recommend is spending time outside or frequent participation in yoga and other mindfulness activities. None of these activities have proven to be as immediately effective as medications, most doctors recommend a combination of both for a well-rounded treatment of ADHD.