Of course, it’s also important to learn more about your own situation before seeking treatment. To assist with this step, Done offers a simple online assessment test that helps evaluate your needs before setting up your first appointment with a clinician. Keep reading to learn how online ADHD prescriptions are handled, what you can expect for your first telehealth appointment, and how Done helps make ADHD medication more accessible.

Find Out If You're a Good Match First

To get ADHD medication for adults and children through a telehealth platform like Done, start by responding to a questionnaire to ensure you meet the criteria. Not everyone is a good match for these types of services, and before you take that next step, you'll need to find out whether the telehealth platform can accept you as a patient.

Once your assessment has been reviewed and approved, you'll be matched with the right medical practitioner to find out if you qualify for an ADHD diagnosis and discover your options for treatment. 

Getting an ADHD Prescription Online

The option to get ADHD medication online is relatively new, so it helps to understand how the process works before you get started.

Medication is often the preferred and best approach to treating ADHD, though it is generally used along with therapy or even nutritional and other holistic approaches. Finding the right sources of medication for ADHD online will require doing some homework. It also requires an initial diagnosis from a trusted provider.

If you already have a diagnosis, you can bring that information to your telehealth provider. If not, a service like Done can get you a virtual appointment with an ADHD clinician who can evaluate your symptoms and determine whether or not you have the condition.

Once you're ready for treatment, you and your telehealth provider will meet virtually to discuss your options for an online ADHD prescription. There are two types of ADHD medication you'll want to consider: stimulants and non-stimulants. For each of these types, there are a number of different options and dosages to consider. Based on your unique needs, Done clinicians are able to provide personalized recommendations. And, if for any reason your prescription isn't working as expected, they can assist with adjusting dosages or medication types until you find the best fit.

As far as receiving the medication itself, Done sends prescriptions directly to a pharmacy near you so you can pick it up locally. And when it's time for a refill, Done members can get their prescription renewed automatically.

Key Tips to Remember

Here is the bottom line when looking for ADHD medication online:

  1. Do your homework. Look into the nature of any website offering ADHD medication and ensure its legitimacy. Some of the factors to consider when vetting a site include how many and what kinds of medical practitioners are aligned with it, how it has been referenced in the media, and reviews from real customers. This can help you determine whether you'll receive quality care for your ADHD.
  2. Don’t go for the cheapest option. Just because one telehealth service has a lower cost does not mean it’s the ideal alternative to in-person medical appointments. Plus, something that sounds too good to be true when it comes to price very well may be. Be sure to double check the costs associated with insurance (such as copays, which could vary depending on the amount ordered) to determine the actual costs you'll be expected to cover.
  3. Do meet with a qualified provider. A good telehealth service will set up an appointment with a licensed and trained doctor, medical practitioner, psychiatrist or someone else qualified to give you the right prescription depending on your needs. At Done, we're proud to offer services from board-certified providers with ADHD expertise.
  4. Look for ongoing care options. ADHD medications can potentially cause side effects, so it's important to have ongoing telehealth care in case any issues arise. At Done, our members get 24/7 support from their care team and easy automatic prescription renewals.
  5. Evaluate your results. Make sure to assess whether your ADHD medication is effective or not and reach out to your ADHD clinician if you have questions about adjusting your prescription at any point in time.

ADHD hampers the parts of the brain that are responsible for executive function. Without treatment, it can result in a cascading series of negative outcomes for the patient. The right medication could be the answer, and getting a prescription online is easy with Done. Get started by taking our one-minute assessment test.