To get medications through a telehealth platform like Done first requires responding to a questionnaire and ensuring you meet the criteria. It then shifts to matching you to the right medical practitioner to further pursue the ideal options for treatment. 

Medication is often the preferred and best approach to treating ADHD though it is generally used along with therapy or even nutritional and other holistic approaches. To find the right sources of medication for ADHD online will require doing some homework. It also requires an initial diagnosis from a trusted provider.

Here is the bottom line when looking for ADHD medication online:

  1. Do your homework; look into the nature of any site offering ADHD medication and ensure it’s legitimate based on medical practitioners aligned with it, references in the media, and its overall place in the eco-system
  2. Don’t go for the cheapest option; just because it’s lower cost does not mean it’s the ideal alternative and double check the costs associated with insurance (e.g. copays, which could vary depending on the amount ordered)
  3. Do meet with a doctor, medical practitioner, psychiatrist or someone else qualified to give you the right prescription depending on your needs
  4. Take the time to review any complications from the medications and monitor yourself for side effects
  5. Evaluate over time whether it’s effective or not and adjust the amount or type of medication over time depending on how it goes

ADHD hampers the executive functioning parts of the brain and without treatment it can result in a cascading series of negative outcomes for the patient. The right medication could be the answer. Start by taking the Done. 1-minute assessment test to learn more.