Many people think ADHD can be self-treated. They think ‘if I better plan for my life, and be more self-disciplined, then I can get over it.’

Because of this thinking, some people didn't seek diagnoses or receive treatment from adolescence when ADHD began impacting their life. And then they are influenced by ADHD for the rest of their life.

Even of those who get diagnosed at an early age, 30 - 50% will carry the symptoms to their adulthood. The negative influence of ADHD can be huge without continuous proper treatment. The patient may not be able to achieve tasks at their job, and their co-workers may think they are irresponsible. Many people thus blame themselves and develop more mental health issues. They eventually fell behind their peers.

The direct symptoms of ADHD in adulthood include bad memory, lack of organization, easily distracted, and frequent disruption of other people's conversation. The cause of these symptoms is largely biological.

The patient mostly inherits ADHD from their family history and may have an imbalance of the chemicals in their brain. Only when the chemicals are balanced, can they easily control their attention and focus on the right things. Because of this, medications have been the first-line treatment for ADHD.  Every patient has different health situations. So it typically takes a couple of visits or trials and errors to find the right medication, dosage, and ways to take medications throughout the day for each person.

Some medications may not work well for a patient, some may have severe side effects. Here is how Done as a service can help you. We strive to help you find the best treatment plan that is 10 times more efficient than the traditional approach.

How does it work? First, you complete an assessment online. Then we will match you with a provider for an initial evaluation. Before the appointment, we will collect information about your medical history and the symptoms. So during the appointment, you will have enough time to discuss your personal situation and possible treatment plans. In terms of treatment, we take a collaborative approach based upon your symptoms and take your lifestyle into account. We will also inform you about the pros and cons of the medication as well as the potential side effects. You can also request samples of two or more medications and give them a try. Then tell us which works better.

After you get the medication, you may find one may work pretty well and some have severe bad side effects, then you can easily message our providers online and adjust the treatment. Our goal is always to help you find the treatment plan that works best for you within the minimal amount of time.  After you find a medication that works, then, our goal is to not to spend any time worrying about the follow-ups or refills. We provide an easy to use platform for you to handle all of them.

Apart from medication, we also value various approaches to treat ADHD, for example, some strategies for increasing focus and productivity. We believe in a holistic treatment approach, and we will write more blog posts to share more tips and approaches other than medications to help with the treatment of ADHD.

The data shows that only 20% of adults with ADHD get diagnosed, and even fewer get proper treatment. We aim to help more people to live healthily and reach their full potential, in their professional and personal life.